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The Devil's Destiny

Chapter 4

Her eyes went wide and she quickly looked for a place to move when the metal collapsed on itself and snapped off. 'No!'

She fell.


Everything about her blurred in colors of gray and black, and she watched with curiosity as the ceiling was pulled farther and farther away. No cry escaped her lips. Only the sound of air whooshing past her was present, and she closed her eyes while she welcomed the peace that this freefall granted her.

Something heavy. Something seemed to grab her. There was a snap, and Sonya opened her eyes to see Johnny looking at her. She was thrust upward, her head whipped back, and then she was swaying. The wall of the platform came closer. There was a burst of white pain that burned in her skull. Things began to blacken at the corner of her eyes.

"I've got her! Sonya. Shit. Pull me up!" She felt a pain around her waist. too tight. Somewhere in the distance, people were yelling.


"Sonya, wake up. Come on, wake up, I need you to hold onto me." 'Fight back.' Shaking away her dizziness, Sonya moved her arms and laced them around Johnny's neck. Her breathing became easier as his grip loosened around her ribs

"What are you now, Superman?" Johnny chuckled.

"Safety line. All good stunt men keep one with them."

"So why didn't I get one?" Sonya groaned as they were jerked up another foot and her stomach just wasn't appreciating it.

"I think everyone was so impressed by your good looks, they forgot to remind you." Sonya smiled as her vision began to blur again. She was feeling lightheaded, and her thoughts became muddled.

"Is that why you forgot, too?"

"Johnny! Is Maeve all right?!" Horner shouted from above.

"She's conscious, but she's got a pretty bad head wound!"

"Ok, we got a medic waiting!" Sonya began to giggle.

"Oooo, a medic. That sounds nice." Johnny stared at her like she'd lost her mind.

"Sonya? You ok there?" Her head began to fall back as her eyes slid shut. Johnny could fell her arms become loose, and he shook her a bit. "Sonya. Sonya!" Her head tilted to the side, and she peeked at him through one partly open eye.

"Make sure to call me Maeve when we get up there," she whispered, pretty close to sounding drunk. "If you blow my cover, I'll kick your ass."

"Your threat has been noted, now stay awake." She giggled and put her head on his shoulder.

"Johnny, my head really hurts." Then they were at the top. Four people helped Sonya onto the floor of the scaffolding while a medical examiner checked for broken bones and bandaged her head where she struck the wall. Johnny watched a foot away.

"David, Josh! What the fuck was that about?! I hired you to make sure these sets are safe!! My leads were almost killed!! What the hell happened?!" Horner was screaming at the top of his lungs at the two men who cowered before him.

"We checked the cables, Mr. Horner. We checked everything, we swear! Everything was in place, we have no idea what caused the car to fall!" Johnny noted the argument and looked up to the top of the shaft. Above him, he could see the pulleys that held the wires. A few cords hung limply and swung a bit. They were frayed at the ends, not severed cleanly as he expected. Slowly, after checking his safety line, he began to climb up the side of the shaft. Horner noticed and nearly had a coronary.


"Quit screaming like that before you give yourself a heart attack! Relax, I know what I'm doing." Johnny reached the top and looked over to the pulleys. He pulled at the cord and it slid off easily.

"Aw, shit." The ends were not only frayed, but they were blackened, like they were burnt. Sabotage. Johnny's eyes shifted to Sonya who was slowly climbing down the platform. "She's gonna be thrilled to hear about this," he muttered sarcastically.


Johnny knocked on the door, fixed his sunglasses, and fingered the cord hanging from his hand.

"Who is it?" He grinned.

"Superman." A moment passed before Johnny heard a click and the trailer door opened part way. Sonya's blonde and bandaged head peeked out, looked around, and moved so he could enter.

"I told you, I'm fine. I don't need a bodyguard!" Johnny paused as he entered and shook his head.

"I didn't say you did! Damn, I'm not even in the door and I'm getting yelled at." Sonya glared at him as he shut the door.

"Not you," she replied, her voice tinting on annoyance. She pointed to the phone at her ear. "Jaxx, there was an accident. I'm perfectly fine, and I doubt it'll happen again." Johnny waved at her and pointed to the frayed cable wire he was holding.

"Don't be so sure." Sonya stared for a moment then reached for the cord.

"Jaxx, I'll call you back." She hung up and looked at the cable. "Oh, terrific." She delicately fingered the ends. "Blow torch. So it wasn't an accident." She sighed and sat down on the edge of her small table. "Shit. Someone's onto me." Her eyes pierced his, and he actually resisted the urge to shudder.

"What?" She didn't answer. "What?! Quit looking at me like that, all right! It's your first fucking day, for cryin' out loud, who could I have possibly told so quickly who you actually were and why you were here? And why would I do that anyway? I'm part of the good guys, or did your bump on the head cause you to forget that I was the one who saved your white ass back there?" Sonya rolled her eyes and pressed her fingers into her temples.

"Shit, I'm sorry. Goddamn, anything for an excuse." Johnny's shoulders drooped slightly.

"Ah, forget it. I can understand why you'd be so upset-" A rough pounding interrupted him.

"Knock, knock! Mind if I barge in?" Balford came strolling through the door. Sonya groaned inwardly at his quick but undeniably lustful smile with which he greeted her.

"Oh, hey Rick. Come on in," Johnny spoke as he waved his arm at a seat.

"Thanks. How ya doing there, Maeve? That's a pretty rough fall you took back there."

"Uh, fine, thanks. I'll be all right."

"Yeah, Maeve here seems to be tough as an ox," Johnny chuckled as he put in his own two cents; Sonya glared.

"Well great! Glad you'll be all right. Johnny, guess what I just heard?" Sonya was a bit put off by his abruptness at dismissing her, especially after his rapid attention when they first met. Johnny, too, noticed this.


"The deal went through! Wendel and Martin Docking Arena is now under Balford Shipping Incorporated." Johnny laughed and patted him on the back before shaking his hand.

"All right, Rick! Congratulations! How long had that deal been giving you a problem?" Rick laughed.

"Back since Sudden Death 2 was in the making. Man, I'm almost there, buddy!" Sonya watched curiously as the two chatted, the wheels in her head already turning at the light of new evidence.

"Rick?" she asked sweetly. "If it's not too much of a bother, what ever are you talking about? You're into boats?" He stared at her for a moment before answering.

"Yes, very much so. But I'm also buying the ports for movie locations. It's very important to me to have these places available for any sudden ideas I or my fellow scriptwriters come up with." Sonya nodded, feigning interest.

"Really? Well, I do enjoy a good outing to sea once in a while. Would it be too much trouble for you to show me about your new properties?" Sonya put on her sexiest smile in hopes of convincing him that she was actually interested. He laughed.

"Why, my dear, it would be an honor to take you on the guided tour." Rick's hair lit up in the slanting sunlight as he stooped before her to kiss her hand once again. "Perhaps I can take you for lunch on my yacht that same day. The waves are to be quite beautiful this weekend, if you're free of course." Chocolate brown eyes that sizzled with a dangerous tinge pulled a shiver from Sonya's body.

"Um, I'll have to see," Sonya choked out through hesitant breaths as she pulled her hand away. There was something about this man. something that really bothered her. Something that was not right. He smirked, his eyes mocking her like he knew something she didn't.

"Very well." In a swift movement, a card hovered before her. "Call me when you get a chance. I'll plan around you, as I'm sure you're well worth the effort." Sonya shifted uncomfortably under his gaze. "Well," he suddenly burst with a sigh and punched Johnny in the arm playfully. "We still up for that game of pool tonight?" The two chatted for a few more minutes about times and places before Balford made a graceful exit. Sonya stood up and reached for her bike helmet.

"Going somewhere?"

"Yeah. Taking this," she held up the frayed cable wire, "down to Spekly. Could be used for evidence later." Johnny nodded. "I should be back within an hour."

"Don't bother. Horner cancelled the rest of today's filming. He insists it's for your benefit, but I think the accident bothered him."

"Great. Then I'll hit the gym and train for a while. Do me a favor, and see if you can get some more info on this docking business when you're with Balford. See if he slips up in his story anywhere. And watch your back." Johnny gave a smart salute.

"Sir, yes, sir! I mean Ma'am!" Sonya fought the urge to slap him. Instead, she rolled her eyes and walked out. Ten minutes later, she was on her bike and speeding toward the city police station.

"Ha! Eyah! Huph!" Punch, kick, double punch, back fist, split, twist, handstand, roll, snap kick. Sonya's huffing breaths echoed in the nearly empty weight room, and she jogged in place a few times before leaping into a sidekick and landing with a solid smack into the punching bag. It swayed, and when it came back, she kicked again, and again. She switched to punches, and back to kicks, until her lungs burned and her muscles ached for rest. Sighing, she reached for her towel and dabbed at her soaked head while she sipped some water.

"Oh, that was nice." Turning on her heel, she waved goodnight to three women who were walking out of the gym, picked up her small gym bag, and marched to the showers. It was silent in the small room. Silent and empty, and cold. She shivered. Carelessly she threw her bag into a locker and pulled her sweat-drenched clothes from her toned body. She shivered again, but this time, it wasn't from the cold. Something just felt wrong.

"Hello?" Her voice echoed back to her. She shook her head. Nerves. Full- length towels were stacked on a shelf nearby, and one slipped off as she yanked it while she walked to the nearest stall. Placing the white cloth on the wall hook, she turned on the water and let it's therapeutic heat relax her rigid body. She soaped and shampooed, and stepped out a few moments later feeling refreshed. When she was dressed, she stepped before the mirror and combed at her damp locks, growling in frustration when she got caught on a few tangles. Then the tile on the wall next to her exploded as the crack of a gun echoed in the room. She tossed herself to the side and rolled into a stall. Rapid footsteps slapped the floor. Immediately, she was on her feet and chasing after the person who attempted to kill her with her bag barely in her hand.

All the way outside into the blackening night she ran, and came to the parking lot. Down the street was the figure of a cloaked man, so she jumped onto her bike, revved the engine and tore out of the parking lot. It didn't take long to spot him turning the corner into an alleyway. 'Gotcha.' She turned sharply and grinned in anticipation of her arrest. Without warning, she was tossed over her bike when something caught the front tire and forced it to stop abruptly. In a moment, she was skidding across the cement. Dizzy and dazed with a terrible burning sensation along her back, Sonya could barely detect three forms gathering around her.

"We got a message for you, bitch." A heavy foot jammed into her ribs causing her to gasp and roll on her side. "Drop the case, or we cut you open and hang you by your intestines."

"And which case might that be?" Sonya coughed out. "The one about the girl, the one about the drug group." She lifted herself up on her hands, rolled back into a handstand, and threw herself into a back hand spring making her feet come in contact with the man's jaw before landing in a defense pose. "Or the one about the three stupid fucks who thought they could overcome me?" The man she hit lay sprawled across some garbage bags, holding his broken jaw.

"Gep 'er!" he commanded. The other two attacked, and Sonya grinned wickedly as she sized up the opposition. The one on the left was tall and lanky, while the other was a bit shorter, but wider across. Neither seemed terribly dangerous. The short one threw a punch at her, which she easily blocked. Another punch was thrown, and she ducked before countering with a low uppercut into his stomach. He hunched over, and Sonya's eyes widened as the tall one flew over his companion's back with a flying sidekick that connected right with her chest. A grunt escaped her as she toppled, and suddenly there were fists and feet everywhere. She couldn't block, and her blood was flowing feely onto the sidewalk.

"Fuck!" she hissed, her anger boiling over. The men were laughing as they beat down on her, until she found the strength to twist herself around and sweep them. They landed hard on their backs while she nimbly rose to her feet, jumped in the air, spun, and thrust her right leg out, landing it square in the chest of the third who had risen to join the battle. He stumbled, recovered, and lunged. Sonya spun, using her forearms as a wall that rammed into his back. His momentum and her added weight caused him to crash into the building head first, and he crumbled, a thin trail of blood oozing down the wall. A cry sounded behind her, and she turned to seize the tall man's outstretched arm with her right hand while her left grabbed his shirt and she flipped him over her. From the side she spotted the heavier one also running at her. Turning to face him, she let him run into her, but she linked her arms around his waist and bent herself backwards, carrying him with her, and smashing his skull into the cement. A splatter of blood painted the building, and he didn't move again. She pushed herself up and quickly blocked the roundhouse kick aimed for her head by the one who shot at her in the shower room. For countless minutes, they sparred, blocking here, gaining there, until he caught her with an elbow jab to her eye. She stumbled back, groaning as blood gushed from her split eyebrow. The man gave a sharp attack cry, spun in two circles as he shifted from foot to foot while preparing to unleash a mighty spinning sidekick to her already bruised ribs. As his foot stretched toward her, she sidestepped, lifted her knee in the air, and jammed her elbow down onto his ankle, crushing it between her elbow and knee.

"Agh!" He jumped back on one foot, his facing contorting in pain, before it met the sidewalk when she ran up to him and threw an uppercut into his already damaged jaw. Moaning in pain, he struggled to get up, but Sonya knocked him out with an axe kick. Looking around, she noticed all three lying still on the cement walkway, the blood still dripping from their various cuts. In a moment, she was on the phone with Jaxx, reporting her location.

"Yeah, I've got three of them down. No, I'm fine. They have to be part of the gang, and someone knows who I a-" Sonya lost her voice when the world spun and she was on her back. Her head turned, and she watched the tall attacker slinking away down the street. "SHIT!" Quickly, she rose and gave chase, unconsciously hanging up the phone while abandoning her gym back and now damaged bike.